The 24-Hour Training Gym
from Central Sports

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Encouraging Gym-Time
Inclusive Lifestyles

Making it easy for everyone
to go to the gym.

Central Sports wants to increase the circumstances
under which people can easily train and
assist more people in improving their health. This marked the beginning of this gym. Focusing in particular on training machines,
CENTRAL SPORTS 24H is a self-training gym
that can be used at any time, 24 hours a day. Since you can train as you are
without having to change shoes or clothes,
you do not need to bring a cumbersome bag. Emphasizing the circumstances,
such as price, facilities and locations,
that make it really easy to continue, we have realized a gym that all kinds of people can
go to at times that suit their lifestyles.
Whenever they like, for as long as they like. Why not try incorporating a gym into your lifestyle?


Four Special Features
That Make Going to the Gym Easy


24-hour hour opening,
so you can go at times
that suit your lifestyle


Facility Overview

To assist self-training,
a variety of machines can be used at any time.
Even though they are compact gyms for
there is sufficient equipment present to
enhance your physical or muscular strength.

Weight Machine Lineup


Usage Fees


4,500yen(excluding tax)
4,500yen(excluding tax)
The ¥3,000 (¥3,240, including tax) administrative fee
for issuing your membership card is charged separately.

You can use the machines for as long as you want, at any time of day or night, for ¥4,500 a month!
For those who want to benefit from the effects at their own pace,
CENTRAL SPORTS 24H makes it easy to start and continue for a long time.
Please feel its effects that go beyond just price!


Easy Online Joining Procedures

Since credit card payments can be made
via the Internet,
there is no need to prepare troublesome
documents or visit a gym.
Of course,
you can also complete the procedures by
using your smartphone.

After joining,
the procedure is completed
when you receive an e-mail thanking you
for joining Central Sports.
Please note that you will be sent your membership card
via the postal service.