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Fitness Membership Plans


using hours
Towel Parking Personal
Fees for
other clubs
Night ¥3,300
¥5,813 Tue~Fri:19:00~22:30 
(Except holidays)
× ¥2,200 ¥1,100
Morning ¥3,300
¥5,813 Tue~Fri:9:00~12:00 
(Except holidays)
Student ¥3,300
¥8,013 Anytime During Open hours
Daytime ¥3,300
¥8,013 Tue~Fri:9:00~17:00 
(Except holidays)
Daytime couple Leader ¥3,300
¥8,013 Tue~Fri :9:00~17:00
(Except holidays)
Daytime couple Member ¥3,300
¥6,913 Tue~Fri :9:00~17:00
(Except holidays)
Evening ¥3,300
¥8,013 Tue~Fri:18:00~22:00(Except holidays)
Supernight ¥3,300
¥8,013 Tue~Fri:19:00~24:00 
(Except holidays)
Pool ¥3,300
¥8,013 Tue~Fri:9:00~24:00 
(Except holidays)
Holiday ¥3,300
¥9,113 Sat 10:00~21:00 
Sun & Holidays 10:00~19:00
Night and Holiday ¥3,300
¥10,213 Tue~Fri:19:00~24:00 
Sun & Holidays:10:00~19:00
Single B ¥5,500
¥11,313 Tue~Fri:09:00~21:00 
Sat :10:00~21:00 
Sun & Holidays:10:00~19:00
Single A ¥5,500
¥14,613 Anytime During Open hours × free ¥1,100
Family Pack (Adults)  ¥5,500
¥14,613 Anytime During Open hours × free ¥1,100
Family Pack (Children) ¥5,500
¥11,093 Anytime During Open hours × free ¥1,100
Zenkoku SingleA ¥5,500
¥18,480 Anytime During Open hours free free
Zenkoku SingleC ¥5,500
¥16,280 Anytime During Open hours × free free
Top Course ¥5,500
¥17,363 Anytime During Open hours free ¥1,100
Cooperate 21,600円
¥44,628 Anytime During Open hours(3 Membership cards issued), ¥550 to use

¥2,200 ×
  • Within the same household leader must be 15 years old and over. Member must be above elementary school.

    Student member must be from 16 to 25 years old.  Valid Student ID is required for registration.

  • Members can use other Central Sports and Renaissance clubs nationwide Japan for ¥1,100.  Additional fee will be charged when exceeding club using hours.

  • The using hours of the facilities other than the locker rooms will be 30 min prior to the end of the club using hours.

  • For Corporate members, 3 unregistered cards will be issued. Admission fee for corporate members with this card is ¥550.

  • Parking fees:  ¥200 per 30 min for first 2 hours, then ¥250 per 30 min.

  • Top Course members can use Central Fitness Clubs “Yoga” “Jiyugaoka” and “Tennozu”  free of charge.

  • To change the type of membership, you must fill out a change of plan form and submit to the club reception by 10th of the prior month.  Changes in membership cannot be accepted over the phone.  Change of plan fee is ¥2,200.

  • For Family course membership, change in number of family is free of charge.

  • “Smart Service,” a welfare support option, is available for ¥550 per month.

  • Find more about “Smart Service(Japanese)” here:


44 cars, ¥200 per 30 min for first 2 hrs, then ¥250 per 30 min

Accompanied Visitor Fees

Visitor Type Fee Club using hours Towel Parking
Preschool child ¥1,100 Anytime During Open hours ×
Elementary,Middle school ¥2,200
Over 15 years old ¥3,300
  • Visitors must be accompanied by a member

Facility restriction

Elementary Middle school High School
○Supervision required
Pool Program -
Free Weights -
Cardio Machine ○Supervision required
Studio -
Spa ○Supervision required
  • Preschool children can use the Pool and Spa with supervision.

Rental Fees

Type Fee Remarks
Towel Set
¥330 -
T-shirt ¥330

3 items set ¥770

Shorts ¥330
Shoes ¥330

Personal Locker

Small ¥1,361 Large ¥3,300 per month

What you need for registration

How to become a member (Please prepare the following)
・2 months payment in advance of the monthly membership fee
・Official Seal (Inkan) used to open designated bank account / Bank book

The registration fee can be paid using all major credit cards (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DN)
【Supported Banks】 Mizuho, UFJ, Sumitomo, Risona, Yokohama Bank, Yuucho , Saitama Risona, Chiba
※We only accept the above listed bank accounts. Please open an account in one of our supported banks if you do not currently have one.
※Monthly fees will be automatically withdrawn from your assigned bank account.

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